Why Anatolia?

Anatolia is more than a geographical name. It is the birthplace of the civilization in connection with Mesopotamia. Over 1.000 years away very many different people have found cover. Again 1.000 years away the richness of Anatolia became plunder. The Ottoman Empire is only a little period (about 700 years) in the long history of Anatolia. After Ottoman would be got the head of state of Anatolia, the people have all what they had with all what they had, their own history and their culture, be ahead Anatolia and the Ottoman Empire has profit by it. In the years about 1900 is a reason for it, that the capitalist system can increase spread himself, that people in Anatolia have founded their own various several states. After 1800 the Balkan states have detached themselves. They have continued all what was as an own people in the Ottoman Empire. As Laz, Pontus, Kurds, Armenian, Byzantines. During Bismarck announce in Germany “This people need a state” and the united Germany became build up, un-der the Ottoman has started later the capitalizing and the colonialism and capitalism developed together. In addition to this Ziya Gökalp has found an apt word “This state need a nation”. Anatolia is an in the history as welt geographic a name for a region. As mentioned above Anatolia is not only a geographic part in which a nation lives, but a continent, in which many different nations live, those history are lost. With the decline of Ottoman, with Mustafa Kemal as leader by the new capitalist state, as exactly from Ziya Gökalp would said, it would begin to build up a new nation and deny their history. All became passed off us Turkish and “History will have tried to write matching make-up with the foundation of the Turkish nation”, forced a new language and to belong Writing. To become Turkish means in the same time to cut from the Middle East and get western. Get-ting western has for us only one meaning: ‘Colonialism”.

All people within ‘Turkey” lives will throw in the prison “Turkey”. The borders which under the name “Misak-i Milli” became well-known, have leads of that, that all nations became Turkish, to cut off from their history and to deprive their past themselves.

The Kurdish Revolution has shown that, how a nation whose history was already lost, they and themselves can to raise from dead again. The borders of Turkey have clearly changed itself. Therefore is the word “Turkey” an ideological, which we refuse. We are Anatolian and Anatolian revolutionary. The rich “Mosaic Anatolia” that consist of our people by different nations is a nation (if they want this), the right to be the power of oneself identity. That’s why we refuse the words “Turkey” and “Turk”. Turkey is sprung from an area of the bourgeoisie ideology and represents a prison. We use the word Anatolia, because this is for peoples possible to define free oneself and we attach very importance to this.

As mentioned above, we say that the Revolution in Anatolia in a narrow sense an international Revolution is and we act with the awareness, that we are a part of the class struggle, which establish the identity. There is Pontus, Laz, Armenian, Arabian, Assyrian, Syrian, Kurds in Anatolia still today who historical belong country parts, which partly doesn’t known from themselves. Through the example of Kurdish Revolution have the other people started to search for their own identity, they began to search for the root of their own language, history, culture. This enquiry isn’t cause worry, because they arise from the wish of own nations, but on the other hand they are the head of the German, French and American imperialism. The imperialist world, the capitalist system has learned from the Kurdish Revolution. And you know if a nation revolt, it is getting an example for the other nations. Therefore they start for their part, make serious examinations and create organizations. It becomes carry out ear-nest ethnological research in different countries, for example in Germany about Laz, in America about Pontus, in France about Armenian, in Italy about Arabian. Moreover, it gives courses about the separate people in the Universities in German; though that is not a new development.

It is known, that Laz people are obliged with Georgian, Pontus with Greece, Arabian with the Middle East, Albanians with the Bulgarian Balkan and Tscherkessian are obliged with Caucasus. This people can be open the doors at these countries. For this there are already examples also the Albanian Movement of USA and Turkey began in original by the Anatolian Albanians. Therefore it really means that the Anatolian Revolution is an international revolution for us. All nations who live in Anatolia are connected in the same time with other continent and nearly alt is looking for connections.

If be left over just one person as representative of a nation, he has for our revolutionary understanding, the right to develop his identity free. It needs to be a place for this identity and for their equality in the Anatolian International Revolution.